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Ultrasound guidance designed for peripheral IV placement

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When you have an adult anxiously fidgeting remembering past multiple sticks or a baby crying and wiggling, finding the right vein can be challenging. EchoNous Vein is specifically designed to quickly find and assess veins to help you get the job of placing an IV done. 

Tablet Vein Probe Home Screen


01 Vein Easytouse Edit

Easy to Use

Just two simple on-screen controls enable you to immediately visualize veins in the center of the display.

Vein Highresimages Edit

High Resolution Images

Quickly acquire astoundingly clear images of veins at depths from 1 to 5 centimeters for immediate visualization of superficial and deeper veins on a wide array of patient types.

03 Vein  Opt Presets Edit

Optimized Presets

Find and evaluate veins in both pediatric and adult patients through optimized gain and depth presets.

Five Year

Effortless Warranty

The industry’s lowest cost of ownership, including a 5-year product warranty ensures the highest value for healthcare systems.


Evaluate vessel quality prior to peripheral IV placement to help reduce the chance of complications with insertion.

Quickly measure the size of vessels to help determine the appropriate catheter needed with an intuitive, drag-and-drop caliper tool.

Use for PICC and midline catheter placements if a different form of vascular access is needed.

With a 5-year warranty, replacements are shipped overnight priority to ensure your clinical team has the equipment they need.

Rugged industrial design eliminates the need for preventive maintenance, helping you get time back in your day for other projects.

Have a question about EchoNous Vein? Turn to our experienced service team, led by a biomed with 40 years of hospital experience.

Spend time resolving equipment issues rather than tracking down repair estimate quotes. Our service department is committed to providing 100% uptime.

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