The industry’s first AI-driven bladder tool.

Our customers treat real people, not phantoms.  That is why EchoNous is focused on providing tools that deliver the best accuracy and reliability when used on live patients. 

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256 slices vs. 12 - Why does it matter?

More data helps support a more accurate 3D representation of the bladder which yields more accuracy.  Higher accuracy result in better decisions, and safer, less expensive and higher quality patient care*.  

*Data on file

Product Shot: Uscan

In just 24 months, over 25% of healthcare systems in the US have converted to Uscan

Uscan provides 256 bladder data slices to capture the entire bladder wall of real human patients, which is 20 times more than conventional bladder scanners that rely on “point-and-click” methods to capture a segment*. When treating real patients, more data matters. 

We believe that no tool can replace the human in healthcare.  That is why Uscan was designed to work by fanning, a simple process by which care providers engage with their patients, and ensure that more data is captured with their tools, regardless of patient body type, age and health, for better decision making, for real patients.


*Data on file

02 Uscan Multifunctional Edit


Check catheter status, image the kidneys, and measure bladder wall thickness with ultrasound technology.

Five Year

Effortless Warranty

With its 5-year product warranty, Uscan has one of the industry’s lowest cost of ownership.


Quickly and accurately acquire critical information needed for decisions such as placement of a urinary catheter.

Aim to reduce unnecessary catheterizations and associated urinary tract infections.

Raise the standard of patient safety.

With a 5-year warranty, replacements are shipped overnight priority to ensure your clinical team has the equipment they need.

Software based transducers mean no annual calibration service or preventive maintenance required.

Spend time resolving equipment issues rather than tracking down repair estimate quotes. Our service department is committed to providing 100% uptime.

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