AI Station

AI Station

An innovative new stand designed for the modern hospital

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Built in collaboration with an iconic industrial designer with a deep focus on clinical utility, this expandable platform integrates EchoNous' intelligent tools

Ai Station Side View


Ai Station Close Up Of Bin

Versatile Utility

Designed to maximize functionality, the AI Station includes a covered compartment for supplies and a holder for cleaning agents and ultrasound gel. If additional storage is needed, generous storage baskets can be added.

Ai Station Close Up Modular

Modern, Highly-Practical Design

The AI Station has a narrow lateral design for moving in tight spaces and thoughtfully placed compartments so the supplies  you need are within a hands reach.


Effortless Warranty

With a 5-year product warranty, the AI Station has the industry’s lowest cost of ownership.


Easily maneuver the AI Station in crowded rooms and busy hallways of today’s hospitals using the ergonomically planned handle.

A convenient home for both EchoNous Bladder and EchoNous Vein, the AI Station saves you critical time at the patient bedside.

Easily accessible storage allows you to have the supplies you need while moving between patient rooms.

With a 5-year warranty to ensure your clinical team has the equipment they need.

Rugged industrial design eliminates the need for preventive maintenance, helping you get time back in your day for other projects.

Easy to assemble for a quicker set-up and installation.


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