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Find below more detailed list of Cookies and other Tracking devices, which provides their purposes, expiration and other related information.

List of Cookies and Tracking Devices


AdWords ReTargeting

  • TYPE: Retargeting Script
  • PURPOSE: Marketing
  • SOURCE: Google
  • EXPIRATION: 540 days
  • HOW TO BLOCK: Can be turned off by opting-out in our Cookie banner

In addition, EchoNous partners with HubSpot for the management of our website, including the opt-out banner upon your entering our website. For more information regarding HubSpot’s Cookies and Tracking devices, please visit Cookies set in visitor's browsers. Furthermore, EchoNous partners with LinkedIn for marketing and advertisement purposes. For more information regarding LinkedIn’s the Cookies and Tracking devices, please visit

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Effective Date: February 14, 2019